Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm a beginner. How do I learn mahjong?

If you're completely new to the game, we recommend attending one of our learn-and-play meetups. It's also the place to go if you've taken a lesson with us and want to keep growing your game. The best way to get better at mahjong is to play more mahjong!

If you've never taken a lesson, we also occasionally offer private classes for more personal and in-depth instruction for those who prefer to learn in a classroom enviroment. These classes are given when in demand, so please email us if you'd like to take one.

To learn online, check out our Learn to Play page and scroll to "Online Resources."

How do open hours at the Studio work? Do I need to already know how to play or have people to play with?

During open play hours, our mahjong studio in K-Town is available for you and your friends to walk in and sit down for a game. It's recommended that you already know how to play, since staff will not be able to provide a full lesson. We do keep beginner sheets and scoring sheets for your reference and are happy to answer any questions.

Since mahjong is a 4 player game, it's also recommended to come with a full table's worth of people. Mahjong players tend to be a friendly bunch and other customers will probably be happy to join in a game with you. However, this would require that when you arrive, 3 other customers happen to be there and are looking for a 4th to play with. If we're really busy and full of customers, your odds are good, but there's no way for us to guarantee this.

If you don't have mahjong player friends yet, our learn-and-play meetups will help you make some!

My friends and I want to use the autotables. What is the cost? Do I have to play Japanese rules?

The cost is $5 per person, per hour. Like a karaoke bar, you can keep extending your time and stay as long as we're open. You can play any rule set you like, whether it's Hong Kong, American, Japanese, etc. Just ask our staff and they'll change the autotable settings. Our tables come equipped with the standard set of tiles: three numbered suits, the winds, and the dragons. They also have flowers, seasons, jokers, and red fives if needed.

What's your policy on gambling and your house rules?

Gambling is illegal in the state of New York and as such is expressly forbidden in our venue. Any wagering, exchanging of money or other exchange of value based on game outcome will result in immediate ejection from the premises without a refund. In order to ensure that we are compliant with the law, and for the protection of our staff and customers, there will be no exceptions to this policy.

Smoking and vaping are not allowed indoors or on our fire escape. Outside food and drink are allowed, but any messy food or drink must be consumed in the lounge area and not the autotable area.

Please be respectful of other patrons. Harassment and bigotry will not be tolerated. Be mindful of your mahjong "table manners", especially when playing with those you have just met. If another patron is being unwelcoming, please find a staff member so we can address the issue.

I'm an influencer! Can I use your space for filming or content creation?

You're totally allowed to pull out your phone and take videos and pictures for your personal social media, as long as you're respectful of other patrons. If you'd like to film more in-depth content, whether it's a tour of the space, a complete game, or a demo of how an autotable works, email us to set that in advance. As long as you tag us and give credit, this kind of filming is free. We can even help you out by letting you use some of our equipment, like lighting kits and camera tripods.