Creating a home for mahjong in the heart of Manhattan

For over 14 years, we've been teaching classes, organizing competitions, and growing the community of mahjong in the US. Through Sparrow's Nest Studio, we hope to unite experts of mahjong gameplay and strategy with a new base of players and enthusiasts.

For in-person gameplay and instruction, we're located right in the heart of Manhattan, New York. We've also put together an online store with thoughtfully chosen mahjong gifts and our own original designs for mahjong accessories.

Our Studio

We’re open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday, for open play at our studio. Our automatic tables can accommodate multiple styles of mahjong, including Japanese, Chinese, and American. If you and your friends know how to play, all you have to do is walk in - no sets or tables required!

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Why Mahjong?

One of the most popular games in the world, mahjong is a lifetime passion for millions of players. Easy to learn but challenging to master, mahjong has a lot to offer!

  • Connection

    Mahjong is an inclusive and social experience that brings people together across national and generational borders.

  • Community

    The mahjong scene in the US, especially for riichi, is young and actively growing. You'll make friends and help to build something even bigger.

  • Skillfulness

    Can playing mahjong make you smarter? We think so! It's a good work out for your mental skills of memory, strategy, and decision making.

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