The Next Step

Took our lesson and ready to go further? Our next meetup will have a short lesson on advanced techniques, followed by free play.


Our Meetup Group

Join our group on meetup to get notified about our regular learn-and-play event.


Online Resources

USPML Discord Server - Our riichi-focused server, which includes a channel for seeing who's
at the Studio. Talk tiles and get tips on improving your skills in the
channel #mahjong-advice

Basic Hands Cheat Sheet - a simple beginner sheet for mahjong

USMPL Riichi Scoring Guide - full list of Japanese mahjong yaku and a guide on scoring

Barticle's Mahjong Guide - an instruction book for the game of Riichi

WRC site - World Riichi Championship, the premier international competition

NARMA site - The organizing body for US Riichi mahjong competitive play