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Sparrow's Nest Studio

Mahjong Puzzle Cube

Mahjong Puzzle Cube

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A combination of brainteaser, art, and fidget toy, these irresistible mahjong puzzle cubes invite you to mix, spin, and solve. The six sides feature the three numbered suits and the three dragons.

These 3D puzzles are also known by the names "rubik's cube", "speed cube", and "magic cube". Our puzzle cubes are a spin on the classic 3x3 cube with a mahjong theme. These supercubes have an extra layer of difficulty because the sides containing numbered suits must have the faces correctly oriented around the center. But don't worry, a partially solved cube is a beacon that calls out to everyone who sees it. If you can get it solved most of the way, someone will come forward to take it to the finish line.



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