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Riichi Mahjong Words - Graphic Sticker Pack

Riichi Mahjong Words - Graphic Sticker Pack

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Part of the fun of mahjong is calling out to take tiles from other players or to declare your win. Among the many words you will hear excitedly shouted during Japanese mahjong, a few of the most common are pon (碰), chi (吃), ron (栄), and tsumo (自摸).

These words are each turned into a colorful piece of graphic art to make up our sticker pack. Your pack will contain 1 of each sticker, for a total of 4.

An original, limited edition design by us! These stickers were created to be used during our beginner lessons, and if a new student was able to pon, they'd get a PON sticker, a tsumo would get the TSUMO sticker, etc. They're a great way to show off your Japanese mahjong knowledge and we think they look great on notebooks or water bottles.



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